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Blox Coffee Table (Custom made)


Embrace this ethereal coffee table set as it whispers stories of elegance and grace, each element carefully crafted to ignite the depths of your emotions. Like a gentle caress, it intertwines fashion and function, entwining your senses in a tapestry of splendor.

As your fingertips trace the surface of the Sintered Stone top, a symphony of textures unfolds beneath your touch. The grain, delicately etched upon its smooth expanse, invites your gaze to wander, revealing a secret language only discerned by those who dare to immerse themselves in its beauty.

The base, dressed in a profound black finish, exudes an air of mystery, a silent invitation to explore the depths of its enigmatic soul. Light as a whisper, it dances upon the breath of air, adding an ethereal quality that transcends the ordinary.

In the dance of unity and separation, this nesting design bestows upon you the power of choice. Unite the units, and witness the birth of a grand tableau, where conversations flow and memories are etched upon the very fabric of time. Or let them stand apart, each a sentinel of individuality, celebrating the unique narratives that reside within your home.

  • Available in 4 colors
  • Full-body Italian slate
  • Modern nested design with storage 
Product Details
  • Table Materials: Sintered Stone, Manufactured Wood, Carbon Steel, Pine
  • Stool Materials: Cotton & Linen, Solid Wood, Foam
  • Finish: Black
  • Color: Gray
  • Slate coffee table (unit cm): Length, width, and height: large coffee table 90*30/small coffee table 40*40/bird stool 30*32
  • Includes 2 drawers and 1 stool for storage and relaxation.
  • Gunmetal Grey finish
  • Sintered Stone; Manufactured Wood durable structure
  • Pedestal base
  • Large and small table retractable design
  • Our expert staff at Elegant Interior is always happy to provide assistance
  • Level of Assembly: Not Required
Product care
  • Avoid placing anything that could damage the surface of the table
  • Avoid possible damages/scratches by keeping tables out of high-density traffic areas, carefully placing items on them, etc.

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