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Decorative Floor Lamp Collection

Elevate your living space with our exquisite collection of designer floor lamps in Australia.

Enhance your home's ambiance with our collection of unique and modern floor lamps. Immerse your living room in a tranquil ambiance with a gentle glow emanating from a corner lamp. Alternatively, transform reading into an enjoyable experience with task lighting positioned behind your preferred armchair or sofa.

Art on style, our sculpture floor lamps offer convenient lighting for any space, large or small. They’re easy to move, so you can make anywhere a little cozier. Our floor lamps with flexible heads make reading more comfortable because you can direct the light straight onto your book or magazine.

Hugo-Floor Lamp (Custom made)
$175.00 AUD $350.00 AUD
Romeo Statue LED Floor Lamp
$1,650.00 AUD $3,800.00 AUD
Man Walking with Circle LED Floor Lamp
$1,750.00 AUD $3,800.00 AUD
Ballerina Sculpture Floor Lamp (Custom made)
from $1,750.00 AUD $2,500.00 AUD
Human Statue Floor Lamp With Triangle (Custom made)
$1,750.00 AUD $3,500.00 AUD
Man With Sqaure LED Light Strip
Contact Us For Price
Man and Woman Embraced-Sculpture Floor Lamp
$1,750.00 AUD $3,500.00 AUD
White Statue Holding Light Globe Floor Lamp
$1,750.00 AUD $3,500.00 AUD
Standing Woman Floor Lamp Holding Series of Lamps
$1,650.00 AUD $3,800.00 AUD
Standing Man Holding LED Circle Light
from $1,750.00 AUD $1,995.00 AUD
Richie LED Floor Lamp
$1,750.00 AUD $3,500.00 AUD
Luxor-Floor Lamp
$350.00 AUD $700.00 AUD

Types of Floor Lamp

Here are some different types of floor lamps for your home:

  • Arc lamps: These lamps are known for their curved shape, which allows them to cast light over a wide area. They are perfect for reading or task lighting.
  • Torchiere lamps: These lamps have a tall, slender base with a shade that points upwards. They are perfect for providing ambient lighting to a room.
  • Swing-arm lamps: These lamps have a flexible arm that allows you to adjust the direction of the light. They are perfect for reading or task lighting.
  • Tripod lamps: These lamps have a tripod base that makes them very stable. They are perfect for task lighting or for areas where you need a lot of light.
  • Pharmacy lamps: These lamps have a tall, slender base with a shade that is shaped like a bell. They are perfect for providing ambient lighting to a room.
  • Club lamps: These lamps have a large, downward-facing shade that provides a lot of light. They are perfect for reading or task lighting.
  • Tower lamps: These lamps are tall and slender, with a shade that is often made of glass or metal. They are perfect for providing ambient lighting to a room, and can also be used as a decorative accent.
  • Sleek, modern floor lamps: These lamps are characterized by their clean lines and minimalist design. They are perfect for contemporary homes and can be used to add a touch of sophistication to any room.
  • Traditional floor lamps: These lamps have a more classic design, and are often made of wood or metal. They are perfect for traditional homes and can add a touch of elegance to any room.
  • Statement floor lamps: These lamps are designed to make a bold statement. They are often large and oversized and can be made of a variety of materials, such as resin, wood, metal, or glass. They are perfect for adding a touch of drama to any room.

When choosing a floor lamp, it is important to consider the size of your room, the amount of light you need, and the style of your home. You should also think about where you will be placing the lamp, and make sure that it will not obstruct any furniture or doorways.

Unique Floor Lamp In Australia: Sculptural Floor Lamp

Australian homes are embracing the elegance and artistry of sculptural floor lamps. These unique pieces transcend mere illumination, transforming into captivating focal points that elevate any interior.

Crafted from diverse materials like metal, wood, and glass, they embody a range of styles, from modern minimalism to organic curves. Each lamp tells a story, adding a touch of personality and refined taste to any living space.

Whether gracing a corner or commanding attention in a central spot, sculptural floor lamps seamlessly blend functionality with artistic expression, making them a coveted addition to Australian homes.

How To Choose the Floor Lamp?

Choosing the right floor lamp for your home can significantly enhance the ambiance and functionality of your space. Here are some key factors to consider when making your selection:

1. Purpose and Function: Determine the primary purpose of the floor lamp. Do you need ambient lighting for general illumination, task lighting for focused activities, or accent lighting to highlight specific areas or décor?

2. Size and Scale: Consider the size of your room and the furniture placement. A tall, slender lamp might be ideal for a small corner, while a wider lamp with a substantial base can anchor a larger space. Ensure the lamp's scale is proportionate to the room's dimensions.

3. Style and Design: Choose a lamp that complements your existing décor style. Modern lamps feature sleek lines and clean silhouettes, while traditional lamps often incorporate intricate details and warm finishes. Consider the overall aesthetic you want to achieve.

4. Lighting Intensity and Color Temperature: Select a lamp with the appropriate brightness level for your needs. For reading or task lighting, opt for a brighter lamp with a cooler color temperature. For ambient lighting, choose a softer, warmer glow.

5. Base and Stability: Ensure the lamp's base provides ample stability, especially if it will be placed in a high-traffic area. A tripod base offers excellent stability, while a weighted base prevents tipping.

6. Switch Type and Placement: Consider the convenience and accessibility of the switch. A dimmer switch allows you to adjust the lighting level, while a foot pedal provides hands-free operation. Ensure the switch is easily reachable from where you'll be using the lamp.

7. Budget: Floor lamps come in a wide range of prices, so determine your budget before starting your search. Consider the value and quality of the lamp to its cost.

8. Energy Efficiency: Choose an energy-efficient lamp with LED bulbs to reduce energy consumption and save on electricity costs.

9. Safety Certifications: Look for UL or ETL safety certifications to ensure the lamp meets safety standards.

10. Personal Preference: Ultimately, the choice of floor lamp comes down to personal preference. Select a lamp that you love the look of and that enhances the overall ambiance of your space.

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