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Why Should You Work With An Interior Designer While Designing A New Home?

In Australia, the number of new homes being built will continue to increase every year. This is because more people want personalized solutions for their homes. They want to incorporate the latest technology, have a floor plan that suits their family, and use modern materials that make their homes more efficient and environmentally friendly.

When you're building a new home, the first person you usually consult with is an architect. Their job is to design your project, using their expertise in construction to create a home that is functional, safe, sustainable, and visually appealing. So when should you consult with an interior designer for your new home build? It's best to involve an interior designer as soon as the architect has finished the basic plans for your house.

In most cases, nine out of ten people design their houses, get approval from the council, and then focus on interior design. And that's where an interior designer comes to play. Here are five reasons why you should work with an interior designer when designing your new home build.

#Reason 1: Inspiration

As a team of interior designers, we take immense pleasure in collaborating with clients who have a clear vision of their dream homes, as well as those who are seeking inspiration. While you are currently in the process of building your ideal space, this is a task we undertake every day for our clients. 

Our extensive knowledge of the market saves us from starting fresh with research, as we are constantly updated with new collections and supplier options. This wealth of experience and a multitude of suggestions allows us to inspire your design and ensure that you truly create your perfect environment.

In our role as your interior designer, we can develop a "wish list" for your new home. By presenting you with an "ideal" design, we can then collaborate to prioritize elements of your home, making efficient use of your budget right from the beginning. 

This approach eliminates any unnecessary waste, such as omitting something important or having to redo aspects that didn't work out. During this presentation, you might even discover that our timeless design ideas surpass your expectations of what can be achieved in a new home.

#Reason 2: Updated trades

When you're in the process of designing and building a new home, you'll need to collaborate with various skilled tradespeople, some of whom you may not be familiar with. Typically, tradesmen and contractors prefer working with a designer rather than directly with the client. Why is that? 

Well, clients often change their minds or may not have a clear understanding of what they want. However, when they work with an interior designer, they know that detailed drawings, specified finishes, and precise measurements are already in place.

We have established a network of Trusted Trades over the years—professionals with whom we regularly work and have developed strong relationships. They understand our preferences, expectations, and the quality of their work has already been verified, ensuring excellent outcomes every time. Without the support of a trusted interior designer, you would have to rely on your own selection of various tradespeople and manage those relationships yourself.

#Reason 3: Flawless Process

The key challenge in building a new home often arises from a lack of knowledge and the inability to focus on multiple tasks simultaneously. Without the involvement of an interior designer, things can quickly become overwhelming, as unexpected factors arise during the process. To ensure a smooth and efficient project, it is crucial to adopt a concise and well-defined process.

In interior design, the process is of utmost importance. By implementing proper processes, the project can proceed smoothly, adhere to the timeline, and stay within budget. Without a structured approach, there is a risk of exceeding budgets due to delays, redoing work, and overlooking important considerations during planning.

#Reason 4: Ensuring Quality

Designing and building a new home is a rare occurrence for most people, and getting it right the first time is crucial. At Elegant Interior, we prioritize quality in design, workmanship, and products. Cutting corners is never an option for us, and we trust you share the same commitment. 

However, without an interior designer, your builder will likely bombard you with numerous questions that you may not have considered before (e.g., preferences for skirting boards, paint finishes, and door hardware). This can lead to panicked decision-making. Often, you may not be fully prepared to make choices on these smaller yet significant details that contribute to the overall picture. Don't compromise on quality due to lack of guidance or experience.

#Reason 5: Planned Outcome

Working with an interior designer means you get a comprehensive package deal. We take care of everything, ensuring a cohesive design outcome through thorough planning and expert management throughout the process.

Don't let your "dream home" turn into a nightmare. If you're interested in working with us as your interior designer for your new home build, please reach out to us. We would love to hear from you.